it BURNs

WHEN IT BREAKS IT BURNS it's a spectacle, an act, a party, an uprising that happens close up to the audience transforming and creating tension in the scenic space at every moment, a protest that displaces reality in the scene. The play, which happens in the borderline of performance and theatre, it's a fight-dance, a collective chorus built from the experience of struggle and affection of each performer and their relationship with the places they live in.


15 insurgent bodies move in scene sharing their experience of occupying high schools over months, creating a collective and common narrative from the perspective of those who lived this movement- from inside and outside - from classroom to protest to occupation.

Using art as a combat tool and the desire to create other perspectives of stories that are nearly always marginalized, they connect with their ancestry through music, singing, theatre, dance and visual arts, generating a collectivity that is strong, from the ground up.


In June, 2019, ColetivA Ocupação's "When it Breaks it Burns: Pause to Exist" was awarded the Zé Renato Prize by the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, to present the show in more than 10 state schools, culture factories and cultural centres.
In March 2020, ColetivA Ocupação was on stage for two weeks at Battersea Arts Centre in London and at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris.